we provide calibration
& validation services
for your laboratory

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Welcome to JVM Industries

Calibration and Validation Services

We provide NPL, New Delhi traceable calibration services for your laboratory instruments. Our commitment to quality drives our utilization of highly trained metrologists, state of the art master standards and updated quality procedures for all our calibration services.

We are always expanding our measurement capabilities. See our list of calibration parameters that meet your current needs.

Why Work With Us?

NPL, New Delhi Traceable Calibration Services

For over a decade, we have enabled our customers to meet ISO, FDA, GMP, GLP, HACCP and other quality standards.

Services at a Glance

A list of services we provide
  • Calibration of Thermometers, RTD, TCs
  • Calibration of Hygrometers & Humidity Sensors
  • Mapping of Stability Cabinets & Chambers
  • Mapping of Autoclaves & Ovens
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